Thyroid Biopsy / Breast Biopsy

Day of Procedure

Arrive at the UMC Outpatient Center at the designated time for your biopsy. You will sign in at the front desk to notify them of your arrival. Please bring no more than 2 visitors or family members with you for your biopsy. There is very limited seating in the Outpatient lobby and we want your family members to be comfortable during their wait time while your procedure is being performed. You and your family members/ visitors will be escorted from the waiting room to the area where the procedure will be performed. At that time, you will be asked to change into a hospital gown. Your clothes and valuables will then be given to your family member (or visitor) to keep while your procedure is being performed. You and your visitors will be given an expected time frame for how long the biopsy will take. It is required that you have only had clear liquids after midnight. If you are on blood-thinning medication, lab work may be required. Please be sure to have a responsible adult remain at UMC throughout the entire length of the biopsy.


You will be taken to a private area where your medical history can be reviewed and consent signed. DO NOT BE ALARMED IF YOU ARE ASKED SIMILAR QUESTIONS by different staff on several occasions. This is used as a safety check before your procedure. The Technologist will then scan the area to be biopsied. The Radiologist will introduce himself and discuss the risks and benefits of the procedure with you.

Before the procedure starts, the Radiologist and technologist will perform a “Time Out”. The “Time Out” consists of each team member agreeing on the following; CORRECT PATIENT, CORRECT PROCEDURE, CORRECT SURGICAL SITE, CORRECT PATIENT POSITION, and USING THE CORRECT EQUIPMENT. This “Time Out” is performed for your safety. The Radiologist will then numb the area to be biopsied with Lidocaine so that you will not feel the needle placement. This may cause a stinging sensation for a few seconds until the numbness takes effect. The Radiologist will compare your original scan with the one just taken and determine exactly where to place the needle. A series of scans will be done to ensure the needle is in the appropriate spot. Once this is confirmed, another needle will be placed through the existing needle and a piece of tissue will be taken and sent to the Pathologist. A small dressing will be placed over the puncture site. If you are having a breast biopsy, you will be given an ice pack to place over the area biopsied to decrease the risk of bleeding and discomfort.

After the Procedure

You will be allowed to leave immediately following the procedure. The technologist will inform you of any special instructions needed to care for your biopsied site.